Our main focus at Robert A Kelly Tree Service is tree trimming and tree removal. Here in Reno Nevada proper tree care is very important because our desert soils can’t hold fertility naturally. Tree trimming is an ongoing process to insure our trees use what nutrients they do have in the most efficient manor. As our trees mature they must be trimmed to allow all neighboring plants to be successful as well. In many cases as a landscape matures, tree removal becomes an essential management practice. Many times trees will die do to lack of sun or to much competition from other plants for water, space, and nutrients. At Robert A Kelly Tree Service we do our work at a higher level of expertise than the other companies in Reno Nevada. I have been hands on in tree care since 1974. With this many years of experience, the solutions to your problems have been worked out many times and our processes are refined to the point of maximum efficiency and results. My career in Arboriculture began in Tahoe City in the early 70’s working for my dad’s company, Joe’s Tree Service, every summer until I started my own company in 1977. By taking advantage of all the educational opportunities offered by our trade association and different institutions from coast to coast, I can comfortably say I have separated myself from the usual tree service operator. The goal of Robert A Kelly Tree Care is to preserve the life and beauty of your entire landscape. Proper tree care and plant health care is an ongoing process. This is why I look forward to a long term relationship with all my clients. I look forward to meeting you.

Bob Kelly