Tree Care

Tree care in Reno NV is a bit different than most metropolitan areas.  Very few of the trees we care for are native to this region.  Virtually all of the shade trees are from the Midwest, and Evergreens are from the Western Sierra’s and the Mediterranean Coast.

This fact alone requires that we look at the soil first, then the trees exposure to sun & wind.  The native soil of Reno NV is already void of organic matter.  After we build our homes you can just imagine what else is in there.

Let’s consider the area our trees actually have to spread out their roots.  First we plant them to close to the house or next to a driveway, walkway, or patio. Then what space they do have we cover with turf or landscape fabric and some type of stone.  The best thing we can do for our trees is replicate their native soil environment.  By giving our trees an available root zone as wide as their drip line and using mulch to cover this area with no fabric beneath it we can come close to this environment. In time as the decomposition process of the mulch begins, all this organic matter will be added to the soil which will increase the holding capacity of water and nutrients.

After completing this simple, inexpensive, and critical process, you will notice a big difference in the leaf size, color, and vigor of your trees.  Then, we can start thinking about trimming & shaping.

I look forward to meeting you & your trees.

Bob Kelly

Advanced Certified Arborist